Stella Fitness


You won’t see Stella Fitness trainers standing around with a clipboard counting reps and adjusting seats. We provide what you want – RESULTS. Led by Mike Guastella, we work together in discovering you passions, driving your health success through unconventional avenues. We offer a highly personalized program, encouraging you to explore and discover new things about yourself! We believe improving your body drives improvements in lifestyle, developing new strength, a lean physique and driving out your old weaknesses! We are excited to embark upon a journey with you, a journey that will last a lifetime!

Our training staff has the highest level of certification available, as well as a four year degree. We believe a certification should be the beginning of our training education as we take each day as a new opportunity to learn. We are confident you will not find better coaching.

Stella Fitness takes the guesswork out of fat loss, muscle gain and getting you results.

Appropriate Resistance Training: Resistance training forms the cornerstone of any good exercise program. We employ the use of weight training in the forms of dumbbells, barbells, balls, bands, kettlebells and more in our resistance training routines, but not always. It depends entirely on your goals, preferences, and what we learn in our assessment. Many of our introductory programs are based mainly on bodyweight exercises and dynamic stretching. But the bottom line is: muscle is the body’s fat burning engine! Appropriate resistance training helps build and maintain that engine.

Corrective/Preventative Training: You wouldn’t drive your car cross-country with the parking break on, would you? When you start an exercise program with minor aches, pains and muscle imbalances, it’s a lot like doing just that! But it you release that break before you start the journey, you will reach your destination faster, safer and healthier. This correction and prevention component of training will address any problem areas you many have, thus “releasing the brake.” If you don’t have problem areas, we will focus on regions of the body prone to injury, with an emphasis on prevention.

Appropriate Cardiovascular Exercise: Only the correct amount of cardio work at the correct intensity will work for your goals. Doing the wrong type, at the wrong time at the wrong intensity may be very inefficient at reaching your goal.

Professional Assistance and Scientific Manipulation of the above: No program works for everyone and no program will work forever. As your body changes, so too must your program change. We will help to modify your plan as your body changes and adapts so you continue to see optimal results.

General Nutrition Guidelines: We offer tailored nutrition plans through our consultations based on whole food nutrition. If you want results, your eating habits must support that goal.




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