Client Success

Sara – Beast Mom Extraordinaire


  • Decrease of 4.5 inches in her hips, 4.5 inches in her waist
  • Decreased her bodyfat by 7.7%
  • Increased pushup total from 27 to 43 in one minute
  • Has gone from not knowing how to handle diet and exercise while raising a newborn, to crushing her goals. Hyper competitive, hyper awesome.

Her experience: “Excellent experience with StellaFitness. Mike has consistently pushed me to meet my goals. My motivation has improved, my knowledge of exercise and fitness has expanded, and I feel great. I started personal training after having a baby because my body just plateaued. Mike has spent time with me and my family to help us change our habits and create a healthier lifestyle. The best part about StellaFitness, however, is how much fun the training experience has been.”

Nick- Computer Wiz


  • Dropped 100 pounds in a year
  • Bodyfat dropped from 27% to 9% in one year
  • Went from 0 pullups to 15+ in a single set
  • Most of all – Went from depressed, living in mom’s basement and lacking confidence, to having an awesome girlfriend, securing a full time job, FEELING stronger and proud of who he has become.

Greg – Avid runner, triathlete, business professional:

greg before and afterGreg by the numbers:

  • Decreased bodyfat by over 5%
  • Strict pullup strength increased by 100% in 6 weeks

‘Professional, customized service from a phenomenal trainer!

I started working with Mike in mid-October this year. I had some very specific goals that I wanted to work on – dropping my body fat percent and preparing for my first triathlon. I am well on my way to meeting both goals thanks to Mike’s help. In just 6 weeks my body fat percent has dropped from 11.3 to 9%.

Mike created a customized training plan for me that incorporates a mix of strength training and cardio (swim, bike, run). We have set a target time frame for my first triathlon. The first time I met with Mike he tested my range of motion throughout my body to identify weak points. I was impressed how well the plan he created helped me strengthen these areas in such a short period of time. He also comes to my house twice a week which is super convenient for me.

Words I would use to describe Mike are – professional, intelligent, motivating, goal-oriented, patient, supportive, and easy-going. I would highly recommend him if you are looking for some support in reaching your goals – whatever they may be (fat loss, body building, etc.). Best personal trainer I’ve worked with.’

Janet – Computer graphics expert, aspiring powerlifter, life-long adventure seeker


“Mike is a wonderful trainer, his expertise is vast, and ranges from movement to therapy. I could not have picked a better guy.”

Notes on Janet:

  • Has lost 12% bodyfat in 6 months
  • Has increased deadlift strength by >50%
  • Has become more lean while taking time discover different modalities of exercise previously unexplored!

Todd – Runner, triathlon-inspired athlete and excellent source for motivational quotes

Todd by the numbers:

  • Dropped 5.6% fat in 12 weeks
  • Completed his first marathon in August 2016
  • Increased pushup strength from 0 repetitions to 31 in a minute

‘My experience has been stellar with Stella Fitness. I gained a huge amount of confidence because Mike coaches me through dynamic workouts while helping me focus on my motivations for getting fit (to outrun the kids and try new things). He customizes everything about my workout plan based on my fitness level and goals. He is knowledgeable and attentive, ensuring that I am performing the movements correctly.

Most importantly, I find the workouts to be fun and challenging. I don’t get bored and I don’t get discouraged by the workouts. Mike’s emphasis on functional, body-weight exercises helps keep me stoked and allows us to get out of the gym every now and again.

Since starting late in the summer, I have lost a satisfactory amount of body fat, doubled my push-ups, improved my running endurance, and I am getting close to performing my first pull-up… …EVER!

Mike emphasizes my gains in strength, mobility, and endurance to motivate me with my own progress. He also offers nutrition coaching and general moral support when my motivation drops (as it does for most people).’

Vamsi -Father of two, husband to one and the next Iron Man

vzm-img_20161205_163311Vamsi has made drastic lifestyle changes in order to recompose his body. He met with me 20 days after his second child was born. His entire life, he has been inspired by people who are strong, hold themselves accountable and hold strong bodies
and minds. His transformation has been as much mental as it has been physical. His motivation starts with his family, as his sense of strength has been centered around protecting his family, while keeping them healthy.

He actually weighs the same in both pictures – he lost 6.5% bodyfat in 12 weeks, training three days per week at the ChopShop!



Wade – Personal growth enthusiast and professional motorcycle crash survivor

This is Wade. And this is how a couple of old farts take a selfie.

This dude Wade, aka Taylor Lautner. One of my first clients at Stella Fitness. Just completed his first 12 week program…and I’ve gotta say, it’s been a wild ride. In week two he crashed a motorcycle and could barely move his arm above his head…he had late nights at work on the weekend that you could tell were crushing his soul…he had every excuse in the book…that said, here is what he accomplished.

  • Waist to hip ratio went from 33.5 / 38.5 to 32 / 38.5
  • Weight went up from 150 to 155
  • FMS score improvement to 16 (from 14)
  • From 21% bodyfat down to 13.8%
  • Back squat increase by 40 pounds (max squat of 193 at a weight of 155) even with a primary focus on kettlebell movements
  • Went from 0 pullups to 4
  • Increased his broad jump by 4″
  • Cadence pushup went from 8 to 20
  • 1/4 mile time went from 1:32 to 1:26

‘Added 20 lbs of muscle mass in 5.5 months. Transitioned from difficulty in squeezing out lunges to developing / refining olympic lifting technique. Physical instability morphing into flexibility and strength.’

‘He was straight forward, never let me quit or give up on myself and always made me feel like I mattered as a person, not just another paycheck’

‘I was especially encouraged by the gradual increase in my weight lifting ability. I never imagined I would be able to lift as much as I did. He created a plan involving moderately challenging workouts that had amazing results for me.’

‘He helped me reach some of the most important goals I’d ever set in my life, most of all being able to spend quality time with my family and not feel like an embarrassment to them!!! Yes, I also lost weight and got in shape, but my inner self got healed as well and I started believing in myself again’