Life Rule: Be Weird

Hey, I went to the movies yesterday with the Wife. We experienced a moment that I will remember for a while. Stimulating in the sense that it gave me that feeling of being unique. Let’s take  it back. Heather and I were going to the movies. We had our usual banter  during our road tripContinue reading “Life Rule: Be Weird”

‘Sport Specific Training’

A huge question a lot of folks think they have the answer to in the health industry…how do I get better at my sport? Each answer is as unique as the next. What are the demands of your sport? What level are you currently working at? What are your weaknesses? What are your strengths? #1: Define your trainingContinue reading “‘Sport Specific Training’”

Strength Forum

Yo – A couple of good articles. And random Goose ramblings. This is the first morning in a while I have had some free time. And why not dish out some Goosethoughts? First, the deadlift. A big thing Poliquin talks about in the attached article is the progression of the lift itself. For newer folks, setting upContinue reading “Strength Forum”

UH Strength Coach’s Clinic

Just got back from the Hawaii Strength Coach’s Clinic. Lessons learned: 1: Earn your carbohydrates. Your body can survive without carbohydrates. It can’t survive without protein and fat. If you are trying to lose fat, cut carbs and add in as you increase your activity. Categorizing your carbs Level 1: One meal a week. OnceContinue reading “UH Strength Coach’s Clinic”