Bodyfat Norms

Bodyfat norms for all you rascals out there! I usually preach an improvement in bodyfat over looking solely at weight loss due to it being a better indicator of health program adherence ( food, exercise, sleep, hormonal balance, etc). Where you at??


All Bout Gout

Gout.  Just saying that word makes me smile. I'm not sure why and I couldn't care less. But it's one of those words that just rolls off your tongue.  Which is sort of the opposite of what gout is. Gout is when urate accumulates in your joints, forming little crystals, leading to tons of inflammations … Continue reading All Bout Gout

Health Tracking

168. 168 hours in a week. A problem I am deeply passionate about - and it will take a minute to explain. Folks are not afraid to work hard with me. I'm great at training people physically. I understand biomechanics, am confident in my ability to keep you healthy when we work and feel that if we … Continue reading Health Tracking

3 Stretches to help with the Front Rack Position

Found a nice video detailing the front rack position and most common faults. Most individual's issue in attaining a good position is thoracic spine extension as well as that shoulder mobility. Three stretches to aid in getting into the front rack position start about halfway through the video...but this guy does give some good insight … Continue reading 3 Stretches to help with the Front Rack Position

New Objective – Learn to Climb

Thanks to Heather, I am starting up a new training regiment... Best part about tackling something new is that you get engrossed in learning new stuff... Definitely motivating! First day at Momentum indoor climbing gym! Nothing will make you feel fatter than when you're trying to climb up a 15' wall using only your fingertips