“My experience has been stellar with Stella Fitness. I gained a huge amount of confidence because Mike coaches me through dynamic workouts while helping me focus on my motivations for getting fit (to outrun the kids and try new things). He customizes everything about my workout plan based on my fitness level and goals. He is knowledgeable and attentive, ensuring that I am performing the movements correctly.

Most importantly, I find the workouts to be fun and challenging. I don’t get bored and I don’t get discouraged by the workouts. Mike’s emphasis on functional, body-weight exercises helps keep me stoked and allows us to get out of the gym every now and again.

Since starting late in the summer, I have lost a satisfactory amount of body fat, doubled my push-ups, improved my running endurance, and I am getting close to performing my first pull-up… …EVER!

Mike emphasizes my gains in strength, mobility, and endurance to motivate me with my own progress. He also offers nutrition coaching and general moral support when my motivation drops (as it does for most people).”

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