This is Wade. And this is how a couple of old farts take a selfie.

This dude Wade, aka Taylor Lautner. One of my first clients at Stella Fitness. Just completed his first 12 week program…and I’ve gotta say, it’s been a wild ride. In week two he crashed a motorcycle and could barely move his arm above his head…he had late nights at work on the weekend that you could tell were crushing his soul…he had everrrryyyyyy excuse in the book…that said, here is what he accomplished.

  • Waist to hip ratio went from 33.5 / 38.5 to 32 / 38.5
  • Weight went up from 150 to 155
  • FMS score improvement to 16 (from 14)
  • From 21% bodyfat down to 13.8%
  • Back squat increase by 40 pounds (max squat of 193 at a weight of 155) even with a primary focus on kettlebell movements
  • Went from 0 pullups to 4
  • Increased his broad jump by 4″
  • Cadence pushup went form 8 to 20
  • 1/4 mile time went from 1:32 to 1:26

Most of all, he made a promise to himself that for 12 weeks he would do what he had to do to create healthy habits – and he did just that. So to you, Wade, congratulations and thank you for putting in the work. I learned a crap ton from you, not just about health, fitness and how to be a better teacher but a ton about business, leadership and overcoming all the crap in life. Thanks bruddah.

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