Week 1 down, success

Yo, Fresh weekend. Crushed it at the Hawaii Strength Coaches clinic.

I have taken on the stress of trying to help improve my family’s health. My dad and mom are awesome. But they both also love to hang out and eat good food.

This week went really well with the family. They called me excited and stupid ecstatic about drinking water…it was great to hear them so positive about the first week.

It was a great start to their adventure and giving them a low-barrier goal to attain was a fantastic first goal to attain. So I think I have that figured out. I’ll detail their success below!

Week 1: Drink 80 ounces of H2O per day…Success!!

They were positive, happy and actually asked me about the next goal for the week. Mom had suggested that they walk three times in the next week for their goal, I honestly don’t even want to go there yet!

Exercise is a big barrier and I want them to make sure they’ve got it going full steam ahead before they really have to commit to anything more than a couple minutes out of their day…which leads me to week 2’s goal: weigh in every morning. My rationale is that is they want to get started with that early on, go for it! I am excited for them and want them to succeed.

I didn’t ask for their weight, I didn’t ask for their end goal…that is 100% up to them right now. I want to see what kind of an affect weighing in each day has on them without talking about weight loss. The biggest part of it all to me is seeing that they hold themselves accountable – creating good habits for them and letting them see success early on to build momentum down the road.

So far my parents have accomplished the following:

Weel 1: 80 ounces of water everyday!


What I want them to accomplish:

1)Reduce their risk for heart disease, cancer, diabetes (ie. help them build habits to live a longer life)

2)Feel healthy (reduce BP, cholesterol meds)

3)Be strong and mobile for life – not worried too much about wiping their butts when they get old.

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