UH Strength Coach’s Clinic

Just got back from the Hawaii Strength Coach’s Clinic.

Lessons learned:

1: Earn your carbohydrates.

  • Your body can survive without carbohydrates. It can’t survive without protein and fat. If you are trying to lose fat, cut carbs and add in as you increase your activity.
  • Categorizing your carbs
    • Level 1: One meal a week. Once you get to a respectable BF% then…
    • Level 2: One meal a week + Postworkout carbs. Once you get to your desired BF% and activity levels, increase activity to accommodate for
    • Level 3: One meal a week + Postworkout Carbs + Carbs at Lunch.
    • Level 4: One meal a week + Postworkout Carbs + Carbs at Lunch and Dinner. This is for folks who bust ass/exercise 15+ hours per week

2: Being strong has never been a weakness

TED Talk with Amy Cuddy

  • Strength has become ostracized. Being strong is not a weakness
  • Full range every repetition
  • Getting stronger doesn’t mean do circuits all the time
  • Strengthen upper back to offset shoulder internal rotators and increase testosterone
    • Deadlift
    • Chinups
      • Add weight as soon as possible.
      • Stay below 6 repetitions for strength
      • Most intense exercise for nervous system (highest dropoff of any exercise after a set to fatigue)
      • 5 second eccentric
    • Hi-row
      • Looking for upper back strength – Works External rotators
        • Lat work strengthens internal rotators
      • Aids in opening the chest and releasing testosterone
    • Elbow Flexion
      • Triggers sprinting
      • Responsible for bottom of pullup/chinup

3: Cuing the squat

  • Work high bar squats to strengthen low bar squat
  • Full range
  • Set lats
  • Point toes out
  • Bend knees
  • Open up groin
  • Work your back to strengthen the squat




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