Personal Discipline

Ahoy, hoy.

The last couple of days have been great. Great days at work, great news from home and a lot of huge life changes in the works.

I’ll start with something about my life. A week ago I vowed to the wife from my heart of hearts that I wanted to get healthy and ripped and shredded again. It really isn’t a matter of what to do because I know. I’m not in the worst shape ever but I need to hold myself to my best. Less is a disappointment.


It’s a matter of saying ‘get the f away from me as I get healthy’. Hardest part of this whole game, really. Over the weekend, I veered away from this gluten free thing (I really thought it was a fad but I feel VERY different having abstained from it for a week). Fun action point: Eat gluten free for a week. I mean really. Stay away from it. Then eat nothing but gluten on day 8. If you have any sensitivity, you will know. Not because you feel so great on the days you eat gluten free. But on the day you eat gluten, you’ll feel bloated and sloppy. Or you won’t.  But it’s worth a shot.

Also thought I had a good plan for exercise and nutrition this week solid and in place but Super Bowl weekend threw me off a bit from the nutrition side of things. Need to nail it back down and stray away from excusing my health. With that said, I’ve had some great workouts at the gym and have been getting much better at volleyball. All positive, very proud and making progress.

Had a GREAT phone call with my ma and pa over the weekend – they actually called me excited and thrilled about crushing their goal over the last couple of weeks. They have been weighing in and drinking water. Nothing but positivity and fun coming from this so far!

Goal for the next week:

  1. Keep things positive and their eyes on what they have achieved in the last few weeks. (self appreciation and reflection)
  2. Maintain water intake, weigh ins (medium barrier for resistance)
  3. This week I want to give them the keys, they have been doing well and need a little positive reinforcement internally – What do they think is their biggest hurdle in terms of eating? Are they snarfing ice cream at midnight every night? Are they willing to give up the biggest culprit without replacing it with something crappy?

Overall, very pleased with how things are going.

Life is moving really fast right now…

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