3 Travel Workouts in 30 Minutes or less

Hey everybody,

One thing that happens in life for anybody that I work with is travel. People go places. They get caught up in work. Or vacation. Or just need to get away for a little while. And it’s amazing!!!

spartan race.jpg
Looking for your next adventure? Take part in an obstacle course! Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, GoRuck…

I am a huge advocate of adventure, seeing new places and travelling to far away lands. Which is why I always do my best to program for people movements and exercises they can do without too much equipment. If your biggest barrier to exercise is not having a gym – you need to find yourself a new program! You can move, exercise AND  find fun/active things to do no matter where you are!

With that said, a bunch of people have been clamoring for the best ways to continue with health progress while abstaining from completely giving in to the temptations of eating out, having one too many brews and getting into trouble with your trainer.

The basic movements we perform in a well rounded exercise program include activities that you should be performing as living, breathing, functioning human beans: Push, pull, squat, hinging and being a machine.

Without further ado,

WORKOUT 1 – Death March

Rep scheme is rounds of 10 reps, then 9 reps, then 8 reps and so on until you finish 1 rep of each exercise!
Bodyweight squats
Squat Jumps


Bodyweight Lunges

WORKOUT 2 – The Breathless Wonder
Find some space to run – can be a track, can be a field. Somewhere relatively level.
10-20 Chest to floor pushups
30 Strides sprinting
10-20 Jackknife situps
30 Strides sprinting
10-20 Elbow Plank to Pushup position
30 Strides sprinting
10-20 Crab bridges
30 Strides sprinting
50 Jumping Jacks
30 Strides sprinting
WORKOUT 3 – Never Lose Those Gainz!
***This one requires a stretch band with handles***
3-5 rounds of the following exercises, one right after another:
Band Squats (1 minute)
Band Bent Over Rows (1 minute)
Alternating Lunge Jumps (1 minute)
Band Bicep Curls (1 minute)
Hollow Hold (1 minute)
Rest (1 minute)

With all of that combined, find some exciting stuff to do while you adventure! Give back, get in nature and explore!

hiking america.jpg
Find a good hike!

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