Maximize Your Military PFA in 8 weeks : Pushup and Situp

Worried about ipushup.jpgncreasing pushup and situp strength for your next physical assessment?
It is going to rely on a few things.
-Increasing core strength
-Increasing Upper body strength (mostly chest, shoulders, and triceps). When going through bodybuilding style workouts, work on increasing chest strength with exercises like bench press, dips, and overhead presses. My philosophy on weight training is to make you stronger – focus on making your final ‘working set’ your first ‘working set’.
The best and most important way to increase efficiency in both pushups and situps – is to keep practicing them. Your central nervous system will get stronger at patterning the movement. The same way that the best way to get better at running – is to run.
Note: Each workout in parenthesis you should perform once per day. For instance, on day 1 of week 1, perform 3 sets of 10 pushups and 3 sets of 10 situps.
Maxing your next PFA pushup and situp tests by following this routine:
Week 1: Day 1 (3 sets of 10 pushups, 3 sets of 10 situps) Day 2 (4 sets of 10 pushups, 4 sets of 10 situps) Day 3 (3 sets of 15 pushups, 3 sets of 15 situps)
Week 2: Day 1 (3 sets of 15 pushups, 3 sets of 15 situps) Day 2 (4 sets of 15 pushups, 4 sets of 15 situps) Day 3 (3 sets of 20 pushups, 3 sets of 20 situps)
Week 3: Day 1 (3 sets of 20 pushups, 3 sets of 20 situps) Day 2 (4 sets of 20 pushups, 4 sets of 20 situps) Day 3 (3 sets of 25 pushups, 3 sets of 25 situps)
Week 4:Test your maximum number of pushups + situps, recording your them as your NEWMAX pushups and NEWMAX situps. Adjust the following three weeks according to your new score, basing the next three weeks off of your score for each.
Week 5: Day 1 (3 sets of 75%NEWMAX pushups, 3 sets of 75%NEWMAX situps) Day 2 (4 sets of 75%NEWMAX pushups, 4 sets of 75%NEWMAX situps) Day 3 (3 sets of 80%NEWMAX pushups, 3 sets of 80%NEWMAX situps)
Week 6: Day 1 (3 sets of 80%NEWMAX pushups, 3 sets of 80%NEWMAX situps) Day 2 (4 sets of 80%NEWMAX pushups, 4 sets of 80%NEWMAX situps) Day 3 (3 sets of 85%NEWMAX pushups, 3 sets of 85%NEWMAX situps)
Week 7: Day 1 (3 sets of 90%NEWMAX pushups, 3 sets of 90%NEWMAX siitups) Day 2 (4 sets of 90%NEWMAX pushups, 4 sets of 90%NEWMAX situps) Day 3 (3 sets of 95%NEWMAX pushups, 3 sets of 95%NEWMAX situps)
Week 8: Test your pushup and situps
Note: To supplement the preceding workouts, make sure you perform 1-2 days per week of strength training for direct rotator cuff work as well as plenty of pullups and rows to keep your back healthy and strong. Adding some foam roller work to the pectorals, shoulders, triceps and global posture re positioning will also help in keeping you shoulders, back and upper body healthy.

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