Stella Fitness Update!

Hey All!

Just wanted to send along a few things regarding the next couple of weeks/months! I recently built a little group on Myfitnesspal for those of you who would like to challenge each other with food logging/exercise logging. There are also some upcoming events I will be adding to the event calendar on the MFP group!
The Stella Fitness MFP group and details are here:
Join up, share with your friends and rock it. No better time than now!
Client Success Shoutouts:
1- Tedann- Tedann recently had her 8 week evaluation and has dropped 13 pounds since late November!
2- Josh- Logged into Myfitnesspal for 80 days in a row!
3- Greg- Decreased 1.5 mile run time from 8:54 to 8:19!
The NOB NOS Challenge lasts from now until March 19th. The idea is to stay strict with NO Booze and NO Sugar (fruit is ok in natural form, not fruit juice). Follow the link above for more details.
March 19th Spartan Sprint: A reason for us to get outside, do some burpees and adventure around the neighborhood. The Spartan Sprint consists of a 3 mile run with obstacles interspersed throughout the race. In all, there are usually around 20 obstacles to best, which include some of the following:

-Rope Climb
-Tire drag and carry
-Crawling under barbed wire
-Jumping over huge fences
-Crawling under huge fences
-A bunch more!

A little more to know – if you don’t complete an obstacle, you are to perform everyone’s favorite exercise…30 burpees! So make sure you come prepared to get muddy, gross and have a heck of a time.

I am going to be flying down to Vegas the night before the event and am contemplating return strategy. So if anyone wants to carpool, it’s about a 6 hour drive from Salt Lake and about 1 hour from Vegas!

A link to the website is here if you’d like to check it out!

Sign up deets:

-Signed up for Sunday’s Spartan Sprint race.
-The group name I used is ‘Okemos Noobs’ and it doesn’t have a password. Have your friends, family, everyone else you think may be interested join up!
-The race takes place anywhere from 10:15am-11:00am, located in Littlefield Arizona.
-You get a shirt, a medal, some awesome Spartan gear, and really dirty.

Other than that, I am planning on getting some blogging going today and this week. IF you have a topic in mind, please shoot me an email with some ideas!
On the docket – Foods to eat when you’re in a pinch. Strength training for fat burning.

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