Where do I get my exercises from?

Not really anywhere special. Youtube. Instagram. Google. It comes from my brain and exploration of movement. Something that always bugged me is the inconsistencies in movement pattern nomenclature. And maybe that is where I need more growth. But when a Doctor tells me there is a deficit in metatarsal extension and flexion, that’s not going to relay well to anyone I work with.

What we do as fitness professionals is simple, if only you have practiced and messed around with movement, enough.

Ideas come from understanding how a person moves within the confines of their anatomy.

Some folks will have short levers or long levers along whatever pattern we are trying to create.

We all Squat. We all hinge. Lunge, Push, pull, walk (in some fashion) and move.

Throughout the day, we move in those patterns, not exercises. We think about how your body functions relative to the other patterns. And we look at specific deficiencies in joint angle. Patterns are the basis for how we get stronger, leaner and move more efficiently.

When I decide to throw a movement into a program, it usually isn’t because it’s sexy or something fun I saw online.

We notice valgus on a squat. We see a pension for anterior knee shift on a lunge. There’s an asymmetrical shift in scapular external rotation as you flex your shoulder.

Literally, it’s how you move that we determine how best to attack your structural/neurological/muscular patterns.

With that said, there is a bit more than just observation that goes into our time spent working as a team. And I vow to dive deeper daily to improve your understanding!

Love you! XOXO



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