Oral Hygiene is like Fitness

Let’s talk about good days and bad days for a minute.

We’ll do it in the context of brushing your teeth relating to commitment to self.

There are some days you brush your teeth three times, floss them before gargling some mouth rinse, exactly as your dentist suggests.

Being realistic – most days don’t end up that way.

What if you decide to brush your teeth at night and floss once? That’s probably a net improvement.

Another day you could decide flushing your mouth out with mouth rinse and spitting it out is all you can muster. Not a great effort – but it’s something.

Another day taking a swig of water, slushing it around then swallowing it is all the respect you can give your teeth This effort is next to nothing – yet it’s still staying true to the commitment because you took conscious action.

Other days, you just give up and decide to eat a giant bag of candy before bed.

Most days aren’t perfect. Most days aren’t the height and peak that we all strive for. But instead of saying f*ck it and not doing anything about it, can you make a commitment to doing something for your health? Can you go walking around the house to reinforce the commitment to yourself, rather than parking that booty on the couch and demolishing a pizza?

FItness is so often all or none. Falling off your diet doesn’t mean you failed.

It becomes so detrimental as it leads to spiraling and diminishing ideas of self worth.

I trust in my people to act on their commitments, no matter the intensity. Had a bad day? Stretch while watching tv. Do a jumping jack. Close your eyes and breathe.

Some people need full on exercise programs, some people need habit interruption. Everything in life is a spectrum and to reinforce all or none thinking and is very harmful for long term health!

Some days, swish that water around your mouth and swallow it. That commitment to you is a big deal.


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