Big Lift Education

Hey all,

Just figured I would send out this little thing I came up with. It’s my method for introducing a newbie to big movements

How to teach the deadlift. 

It has taken me some time to develop this process but it has worked great in the last couple of years. One of the trainers in my facility had a hard time progressing a member after a couple of months working together. We introduced my ‘reset’ technique to the member in the last month. One month ago his max, prior to reset was 165×3. We took four weeks to re-educate and he just ripped 225 for 3 reps as we are now getting him on a 5/3/1 program.

My method for your first 3/4 weeks of deadlifting (or any other big lift, really):

Priorities are safety, your body learning while understanding what the eff you are doing (for some reason NEUROMUSCULAR EDUCATION is all the craze) and responsible movement.

1)Teach the hinge – standing 12 inches from a wall, have client touch their butt to the wall while sliding hand down to knees. Once they get that down…

2)Teach neutral spine with a hinge – introduce the same pattern with a PVC pipe/broomstick. Ensure the client maintains contact with base of skull, shoulders and tailbone throughout the hinge. Once they get that down…

3)3×5 with full reset after EVERY rep Teach the deadlift. Make sure they go through the cues, I usually use Rippetoe’s cuing sequence to keep it simple. Have them work it one rep at a time – it is imperative to reset after each rep – it increases the effort and forces them to lift responsibly rather than just pumping out the crappy touch and go reps. Once they master that…

4)Teach touch and go. Not a full on crazy fast set, but keeping the reps under a reasonable number (no more than 10). Once they get that down…

5)Test and program progression. I like Wendler’s 5/3/1 or just busting your rump to make your last working set your first working set.


Overall, I have seen a lot of progress with a lot of people who ‘knew how to deadlift’ – whereas this plan sort of reignited the way their body maneuvered during the lift.

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