The Most Effective Cardiovascular Interval Protocols

Interval training.
Amazing for your heart.
And for your health.
And you get really, really sweaty.
sweat angel
Intervals have been shown to be more effective in a shorter timeframe than steady state cardiovascular exercise (running/biking/workout out at a constant intensity for X amount of time).
With the administration of one of the following protocols three days per week, your VO2max (ability for your body to use and utilize oxygen efficiently) can increase by up to 20%. Other side effects include – Lower resting heart rate, increased stroke volume(amount of blood with each heart beat), decreased bodyfat, improved thermoregulation, increased weight loss, reduced risk of cancer and heart disease…
10 x 1 – 10 sets of 1 minute high intensity followed by 1 minute of low intensity.
Tabata intervals – 8 rounds of 20 seconds HARD work, 10 seconds rest. Recommendation is on a bike with added resistance. Emphasis is a maximum effort for the 20 second intervals.
4x5x2 – four rounds of 5 minute ‘sprints’ followed by 2.5 minute rest
10 minute workout (perfect for an ‘exercise snack) – 2 minute warmup, 20 second sprint, 2 minute rest, 20 second sprint, 2 minute rest, 20 second sprint, 3 minute cooldown

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One thought on “The Most Effective Cardiovascular Interval Protocols

  1. I am actually doing this with the trainer I now have at Orthosport! I am only up to four times, but keep working for more. Makes you melt at the end!!

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