My Favorite Question

How’s that working out for you?

A question I have been asking myself a lot recently.

A lot of depth to it if you commit to diving into the real answers. Real answers being hard to own up to.

In my case,

The way we set up your health program takes work.

The way we set up your nutrition goals takes work.

The effort we put in on a daily basis takes work.

And we want to be sure to be able to measure progress, see results and discern between what is working and what isn’t. This has been a struggle for me. Every individual I work with has a different attitude/concept as to what success means to them. And a lot of times, it’s not always clear.

‘I want to get healthy and establish an exercise routine’

‘I want to lose 10-15 pounds’

‘I want to get stronger and enjoy doing active stuff with my family’

To dive into the hours of developing a realistic, attainable exercise program, only to realize all the work you put in might not be specific to what that person needs is upsetting. There are days I find myself ‘being busy’ instead of being effective. And to come to that realization can be difficult. But I guess it’s part of the process to realize it.

Sending a fun text instead of updating a program.

Showing appreciation for the life my clients have given me. Living a dream job, doing exactly what I want to with my time.

Fighting to see you achieve your definition of success.

What can you gain from this?

Reflection. Take some time to ask yourself the important questions. Be able to stare the answer in the face without bias – How is that working out for you? What’s not working, and how can you make it work?

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I like to adventure, paint portraits of goats and love family stuff.

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