Easy Diet Changes to Lower Cholesterol

Soluble fiber is the stuff that is found in beans, oats, seeds, etc. Which is a bit different than the stuff in fruits and veggies (still YUGELY beneficial for overall health).
Here are some of the best sources of soluble fiber out there to combat high cholesterol!
3)Brussel Sprouts
What YOU can do in a week –
Easy – Have some steel cut oats for breakfast with flaxseed mixed in.
Easy – Eat black beans 3 or so times per week (if tolerable). Black beans have the highest amount of soluble fiber but all other beans have a bunch too.
Hard – Global nutrition paradigm shift – Focus on vegetable intake being the focus of each meal – will naturally have a bunch of soluble fiber. Eat a ton of veggies and throw in meat and fats to your meals as necessary.

**Nerd talk** 

How can eating fiber, especially soluble fiber, lower blood cholesterol levels?


Soluble fiber binds to bile salts in the GI tract, causing them to be excreted as part of our fecal matter, rather than being re-absorbed by the colon as they usually are.

Since blood cholesterol is needed to make bile, the body must pull more cholesterol out of our blood to make more bile to replace what was lost.

This lowers the amount of cholesterol in our bloodstream.

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