Improve Your Mobility Tenfold – Get Your Ass on the Ground

How often do we see someone squat like this in public?


It’s not something you typically see in a world run by desk jockeys and business people.

Imagine being in a desk all day, typing away for eight hours at a time in a dog doodoo posture. Tight spines and hip flexors. Immovable midback and shoulders. And hips that open about as well as those ‘Easy open’ soup cans (Hint: Not easy).

There’s a quick fix that I’m so damn happy to share with you.

It all comes down to getting closer to the ground.

This world has placed us in an environment that makes us terrified of getting down to the floor. Of rolling over. Of crawling, climbing and we end up developing legitimate fear of falling.

What happens when we develop a fear of falling? We end up falling.

So let’s work on that.

Let’s get down to the ground. Then back up. We get down and roll. We get down and crawl. We reignite the movement patterns that our bodies progressed through from the fetal stages to adulthood. Picking our heads up. We twist, we turn. We crawl, creep and learn how to stand up again.

It helps us move better. It improves our mobility. It improves our ability to stand up without breaking our hips.

You don’t have to be tight and stiff all day, everyday. Just get up. And get down a few times.

Here are five videos that will take less than five minutes of action to get your feeling better about movement immediately:

Hoping to give you the tools to succeed in staying stronger, longer.

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