Connecting your Why


Earlier today I ran up to the rec center. And in case I haven’t told you, I’m on a basketball kick.
Basketball is funny to me.
It’s a reminder of when I went through my surgeries. It’s a reminder of the years of rehab. It’s a reminder of all the hours spent on the couch, unable to get out and run.
It brings out weird memories of disappointment- that feeling after waking up from a dream about jumping, only to find myself rehabbing on the couch.
It brings back moments of stress, strain, anxiety and inactivity.
It reminds me of my vulnerability.
Today wasn’t an astronomical event. Playing basketball is fun, something I love doing. But I have no doubt it pushes me more today than it did before the surgeries. And I know that’s why I keep coming back. It reminds me to get better. It reminds me of the hard work it took to get back to jumping, running, hoopin. Just to get better at putting a ball through a hoop.
It reminds me all the time I’ve put in to become a bulletproof ninja no matter what event/sport/fun activity I participate in. The weight training, rehab, preparation and time invested. It’s justified in my mind. And I know that the reward I get from playing outweighs the risk involved.
Today, I played. And that’s why I train.To me, basketball is more than a game.
So that’s what I ask you today – What’s your ‘Why’? What are your willing to risk for your why?

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2 thoughts on “Connecting your Why

  1. My why is to stay physically fit well into my advanced years. I am willing to risk the continuation of doing Syphus Training five days a week along with other forms of HIIT in conjunction with SyphusTraining.


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