Detox Diets Suck. Here’s Why

What’s up Fam?

Had a couple people asking about detox and juicing diets. Some of you may not like this.
Detoxing/juice cleanses are Everywhere.
98% of the juice diets and cleanses are a load of crock (I don’t say 100% because dealing in absolutes is absolutely idiotic).
In short, juicing and detoxing typically fail to be sustainable and realistic for the long term. An example is something like a kale smoothie. Kale is commonly referred to as a ‘superfood’. But through the process of blending the food, it breaks down the fiber, turning the leaf into a broken down substance, decreasing the work you body has to do in order to digest it (aka burning fewer Calories while also releasing more of a storage hormone, insulin). In that respect, blending speeds the digestion of the fiber, negating the real benefit of eating a food like kale.
A justification for a lot of people to juice/cleanse is to get rid of toxins. Toxins can really be positive and/or negative. The same way our stomachs have good and bad bacteria. In fact most of the toxins your body takes in are good for you! You can build an excess of toxins from literally anything you ingest. Even if all you eat is fibrous, whole foods from a local, organic farm. You can still eat too much and create a problem.
The idea behind a detoxing diet is generally to ‘get rid of’ certain staples in your diet. One thing the cleansing diets neglect to stress is the significant role your body already plays in getting rid of the ‘bad toxins’ on its own. You liver, kidneys, stomach microbiome and intestines all play a huge role and these cleanses neglect to stimulate the function of these organs through eating a wide variety of healthy, whole foods.
Positives of a juice/cleanse:
-Help you focus on eating better food (green teas, colorful fruits are typically consumed more)
-Lead to potential disordered eating
-Cause blood sugar swings, turning naturally low glycemic index foods into high
-Does not decrease bodyfat
-Does not make you stronger
-Does not have any scientifically significant benefit
-Does not typically give you enough energy
-Does not contain ample amount of essential fats and protein
So how do you best detoxify your body if you don’t decide to go on the Master Cleanse?
Eat a wide variety of whole foods, consistently and in realistic proper portions. Your body will thank you. And you won’t have to mix cayenne pepper in your water.


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