Your Baseball Card

Baseball cards used to be a huge thing. You’d see the player picture on the front (with a cheesy pose most of the time), combined with the lifetime stats on the back of the card. You could see home runs, batting average and other stats over the career of a player. It was something that was huge in our family. We’d flip through the old issues of ‘Beckett’ and see whose cards were the most valuable…

When you’re starting an exercise program, you need to think about the metrics you would like to improve. How do you measure your progress? What do you want to see improve in the long run – and why? What do you want the back of YOUR baseball card to look like??

greg before and after

Here’s Gregory Harris‘ rookie card:

-Bodyfat from 11.3% to 6.9%
-FMS score 19/21 (not a performance metric but a test of sound movement)
-Weight from 185 to 175
-From 4 deadhang pullups to 17
-From 42 pushups in a minute to 57
-From 285 pound max deadlift to 345
-From 200 pound max bench to 225

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