Lessons from March Madness

If you’re reading this you probably know who I am. If not, here’s a quick wrap up – I am completely, utterly obsessed with college basketball and March Madness.

We are coming off the craziest weekend of March Madness that I can remember.  Tons of upsets, a rough loss for my Spartans but a ridiculous amount of fun. After ascending from my cave of college basketball – I came out of it taking a lesson from the University of Virginia’s basketball coach, Tony Bennett.

For anyone struggling with the idea of failure, I present to you the most humbling post-game interview I’ve seen. In context – the University of Virginia came into the tournament as the highest ranked team in the country. They faced off against the lowest ranked team in the tournament (UMBC). After taking a humiliating loss by 20 and becoming the first 1 seed to lose to a 16 seed, UVA’s coach came up to the podium to face the media.

Thinking about the stage and the long term implications, Bennett knows that this loss will mean something for years to come. To me, the acknowledgement of the risk being taken in showing up for the game really struck home. Demonstration of the fear of failure is a primary reason individuals get detracted from their goal. And to me, I see it everyday. You may gain weight one week. Or get demotivated because of stress and sleep. Or you just end up screwing up your diet. It’s not a big deal. Becoming comfortable taking risks in trying – as well as failing – needs to become something we all experience. Shoot for the friggin stars. Attack what you want to achieve. And when you fail, brush it off and accept it. The only way you truly fail is if you give up. And that’s not even an option.

I just became a fan of UVA and know they’ll bounce back next year!

Have a great day!

Mike Goose

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One thought on “Lessons from March Madness

  1. Great article !! I was hoping it would be your team against mine!! But alas! I got to go to Kansas City to watch the Jayhawks take the tournament there what a thrill. Last year we went also and they lost in the first game. I thought shoots I didn’t fly all this way to watch them lose their first game. But we found that we were watching a lot of great games. My daughter and son I’ll law go with me. This year is much better. After they won my son in law asked if I had anything pressing at home or should we drive to Wichita and continue watching . So we did watched 6 more games and Jayhawks moved on!! Got home last night to Honolulu. Tickets harder to get , prices higher and I was longing for my own bed. Good while it lasted though . Become a Jayhawk fan now !!!! Rock chalk Happily I got to participate in the chant !!

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