Is Carbonated Water Bad for You?

Hey! I was chatting with a client the other day and he had a question that made me say ‘Hmm’. He asked the question in the title of the post.

As with every other answer I ever give, I want to be confident in saying Yay or Nay. On this one I more concerned with what was actually in the drink he was talking about.

So far, I’m having trouble finding anything credible that says adding air to water is bad. Plain carbonated water doesn’t seem to have a negative impact on your health.  Where it gets a little fizzy is when they start to add crap to it  from electolytes like sodium and folate to ‘natural flavors’/sweeteners, artificial sweeteners and the dreaded sugar. In seeing a few sources, it seemed like there was no harm in anything that was plainly labeled ‘carbonated water’.
Conversely, La croix is a popular drink these days, which is touted for it’s natural flavors and carbonated water (what the hell is a ‘natural flavor’ in the context of an ingredient, anyways?). La croix has recently been studied and found to increase a hormone called ghrelin in rats and non human populations. Ghrelin is one of the hormones in charge of hunger. So you could become more hungry with La Croix. But it also holds more in the ingredients than just carbonated water.
Where there is plenty of research, is in the world of calorie free soda/pop. Calorie free pop has phosphorous which has been linked to decreases in bone density. And certain sweeteners have been linked to brain tumors. 
So I’ve gotta throw that stuff into the ‘crap’ category.
As far as plain carbonated water goes, the jury is still out but nothing so far points to any worse than regular water.
Ok, there’s my take. Hope this helps! Have a great day!

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One thought on “Is Carbonated Water Bad for You?

  1. interesting! Thanks for sharing. We got a water carbonation thing at home and bought one for mom. It changes up the water routine a little. I add lemon or lime, sometimes ginger, tumeric, cucumbers, etc. Sort of like a fancy water! my husband drinks more water and less juice this way. he waters down his juice with the carbonated water. While he shouldn’t drive as much juice period … this is start…. small steps.



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