Park Workout 101

In this time of social distancing, the hard part is finding time and space to break free from our little bubbles. Waking up this morning, I rolled out of bed angst-y, angry and a grump to the Nth degree (just ask Heather).

Bout time to get out, shepherd some strength and HIIT something to calm the nerves.

I’m challenging you to this workout today. Whether it’s at home or at a park, the goal is to break from from what you are used to. Reach outside your comfort zone and develop a bit of freedom despite our tightly packed world.

Goals of the workout: Upper body strength-endurance, core and Sprint conditioning.

Needs: Stretch band to loop around something (basketball pole, door frame anchor, etc) and space (preferably a straight shot)

Set 1: Upper body strength – endurance (2-3 sets of 15-20 reps with minimal rest)

2 arm kneeling overhead band press

2 arm band Rows

Pushups (6-8 reps)

2 arm band curls

2 arm Banded Tricep press

Set 2: Core and Gut strength-endurance (3 sets with minimal rest)

Plank Hold (60 seconds)

Spinderman crunches (20 total)

Leg Raises (20)

Set 3: Finisher (10 sets)

Sprint 10 seconds at 90% intensity

Rest 60 seconds

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