The Duplicity of Self Thoughts

Today, I found some clarity.

You ever find yourself so deeply engulfed in your thoughts, thinking so deeply about your situation that everything just accumulates and sends you into a space that gets you thinking exclusively into a worst case scenario?

I remember a point, specifically, three weeks ago where I was driving in my car. Wondering why anybody would look to me for inspiration in health, when my own health and fitness is ‘suboptimal’. Why would anyone DARE take a grain of information from someone who struggles with binge eating. Why would someone decide to work with me, when I also have a hard time getting the workouts in? Why would anyone work with someone who doesn’t flaunt their six-pack like a Greek God?

The negative voice is loud some days.

The negative voice is motivating on others.

But I have to admit – negative thinking is an integral part of my everyday thinking. It’s the voice that tells me to spend more time with Lily. It’s the voice that beats me up when I KNOW I’m slacking. It helps me grow. It makes me accountable to myself. It tells me that I don’t KNOW anything despite working hard for the last ten years to figure out how I can better serve people.

And I think that’s the crux of negative thoughts to me. It eventually reminds me that I have a shit ton of people with a shit ton of confidence in me. It reminds me that I’m not flying solo.

That’s when the other voice rears its head. The positive voice we don’t appreciate because it’s way too easy to focus on negativity. It tells us we’ve got a squad. It guides you to drive your squad. It guides you to open a book and start learning. Or to go the extra mile with a deeper conversation, with someone who needs it.

The positive voice invites you to be your whole self, without worry. It helps you realize your world is a shared place, with an abundance of love.

So it’s really up to you to decide who to listen to. You can’t have one voice without the other.

Without fail, one thing is certain…

Your voice leads you to your thoughts, the thoughts lead to words, the words lead to actions, the actions lead to habits, the habits lead to your character, the character leads you to your destiny.

Just be careful when you decide who’s worth listening to.


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One thought on “The Duplicity of Self Thoughts

  1. Great insight , Goose, It made me think thats for sure. When you don’t do all the things you think you should do, you are only exhibiting humanity!


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