The Big Picture

Hey all!


Six pack abs.

Toned, lean arms.

Peachy booty.

We see it everyday. From the Insta feeds. The Tiktoks. The Facebook stories.

It’s in our hive mind, it invades our visual and tactile space. Every time you open an app and check on your friends, there it is. And you start to feel like you need to keep up! So you set a goal. You want to lose fat, but you also want to be real with it. You don’t want to be a model, but you DO want to get in shape and feel good about yourself. You want to feel your best and feel like you are making progress toward a healthier body. You want to look back in two years and be proud of your improvements. It’s the big picture you want to see change.

So you search the web for the best ways to approach health.

Eat this. Don’t eat that. Workout this way and not that way. But you’ll probably get hurt if you do it this way. But not that way.

I’ll tell you a secret. If you are reading this, you can get healthier HOWEVER you want.

You want to improve your breathing and swimming competence? Take up underwater basket weaving.

Want to improve your resting heart rate and accountability? Sign up to play soccer on Meetup every Wednesday.

I’ve seen people succeed by walking 30 minutes a day. I’ve seen people succeed by only changing the way they eat. There is nothing wrong with trying a new diet.

One thing remains certain in improving your health – You have to be ready. And only you can tell when you are ready. I’m here to motivate and push you to healthier habits. It’s also a huge part of my job to break it down to make it easier in the long run. If the task is too difficult to maintain, take a step back. Instead of going from 0 to 90 minutes of gym-dedicated time per day, start by walking for 15 minutes and preparing some food for lunch. Do that for two weeks then increase the walking to 25 minutes. Dedicate to the process – not the outcome.

And that perspective is hard to distinguish with all the beautiful, perfect people on your social media feed. The immediacy your feeds create draws you in.

But here is the harsh reality. 

You’re not going to have six pack abs today. Sure it would be cool to have them, but that takes time and dedication. There is a path, there is a process to get there. And if you respect it, you will get there.

With that said, what are you looking to get out of your health journey?

What kind of habits do you want to create? And how can you plan to reduce the amount of drag that your current lifestyle creates?

What pieces of your process are fun, right now? Because that might just be your ticket to a more fruitful future.

And I think most of all, have fun.




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I like to adventure, paint portraits of goats and love family stuff.

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