Reframing Your Excuses

I talk to a lot of people who deem themselves too busy to get their workouts in. We all talk about the amount of time we have to put into our kids, our work and/or our personal life. We don’t want to give anything up. Our identities are deeply tied to the things we do, places we go and people we hang with.

Getting healthy thing can be very intimidating, frustrating and cause of a bunch of stress. Especially for those of us who don’t have tons of social support. Whether it’s an unhealthy family member, unmotivated partner or stress dumping friend. At the crux of each decision we make, healthy or unhealthy, is our self talk.

And how you talk to yourself is 100% on YOU.

So here’s an idea…

Why not try reframing the way you look at investing in your health? We all have reasons to stay healthy, strong and are working to fight against our inner fat kid.

Instead of “I can’t eat right because I’m taking my kids to a birthday party”….

Make it “I eat right so my kids can see that it’s OK to have a treat every now and then”.

Instead of “I can’t workout because I’m traveling”….

Make it “I exercise so I can have more energy during my travels”.

Instead of “I don’t have the time to exercise”…

Make it “I exercise so I can make the most of my time”.

The excuses and struggles can consume you, fight you and tear you down. But if you keep your reactions to life realistic and reframe your thinking, you can combat any excuse!

Peace like Geese



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I like to adventure, paint portraits of goats and love family stuff.

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