Goal Setting: Tell a Hell of a Story

There’s a lot unfold in every life.

You walk down the street, on the way to the store. You see someone walking by and you give them a quick smile. They pass by, shooting you finger guns and a head nod. You meander by each other with nothing more than a head nod, a creepy closed mouth smile and some finger guns.

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A blip on the radar, a second in time. This person walks by and is out of your life, forever. But then you realize, that person has an entire lifetime of memories, ideas, emotions, experience and perspective. A lifetime of stress, a lifetime of family and friends that they deal with on a daily basis. And to you, their entire existence comes down to a singular, passerby moment with a creepy smile.


There’s a word for that – sonder. The realization that every person has a story, no matter how small of a part they play in your own.

Which brings me to the meat and potatoes.

What story do you want to tell in life?

When your family dives into WHO you are, where do you want that discussion to go?

That story is told Every. Single. Day. It’s in the way you act. It’s in the people you impact. And that story is more than a blip. They can talk about the fun times, excitement you brought. Or they can say you were a great friend, a great musician, or a crazy fitness nut.

You are 100% in charge of your story.

Here’s a practice.

Write your story down. Write down who you are. Your values, your leisure activities. Stuff you do with family. Stuff you do with friends. Stuff you do for fun and for work. What are you passionate about? And make it as awesome as you can. If you were turning it into a movie, would it be an action movie? Drama? Maybe suspense? For me, I’d be honored to be a featured cartoon. Some days I’m Wylie Coyote, others I’m the Road runner.

What is your story right now?

If you were to draft yourself from a clean slate, what story would you want to tell?

What daily habits can you create to tell that story?

What are you doing currently to contradict the story you want to be told?

And most of all, how do you create a story that YOU would want to read?

50 Best Quotes for Storytelling — The Storyteller Agency

Whoever you are, know that I am proud of you. Your story is important and I hope the actions you take are consistent with the story you want told, today.


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2 thoughts on “Goal Setting: Tell a Hell of a Story

  1. About two years ago, one of my daughters gave me a thing called Storyworth. It , you or you kids select a topic and ask you to write down your memories. Like I said Ive been doing this for two years every week. Its really fun to think and write about your past. some things the kids knew , some they didn’t . Its a really cool thing. I love this article. Bring the past to life and move it all forward!!


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