Why Weight Loss?

There was a morning you woke up, looked in the mirror and decided you didn’t like what you saw. You grab the extra little flab between your thumb and forefinger, wishing for it to magically disappear.

You step on the scale, disappointed, as the number stares at you like some kind of toddler taunting you with a lollipop in hand. Nagging, constantly.

You set a weight loss goal. You need to get back to your high school weight, or your college weight, or the weight you were when you got married.

A lot of the times, this weight loss goal is not really tied to anything more than a feeling.

Sure, BMI numbers mean something for health.

And so does a particular bodyfat.

But I always drive the proverbial car of self-exploration a little deeper.

Why do you want your weight to be at that number? Why is it that number?

Is it because you FELT great at that time in your life?

Is it because you felt like you LOOKED great at that time in your life?

Even at my leanest, my perception of self was that I was not even close to optimal. I had too much flab here, there wasn’t defined enough, blah blah blah. I was far more critical of myself at the time when I could see veins in my abs than I am today.

Today I am proud to be 80% fit, 20% dad.

The intent of my message today is to really assess your why. Why do you want to weigh a certain number? What does that number mean to you? Does it mean health risk reduction? Do you feel like life was easier living when the number was lower? Or do you connect that number to something a little deeper?

Make your why more powerful than the pain of pushing away your obstacles.

I’ve seen hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds. I would be lying if I said that none of them gained any back. The thing is with weight loss or weight gain as a goal, it never goes away.

Be brave and dive a little deeper.

Give yourself a REASON to skip the drive thru.

Give yourself a REASON to wake up and get your 45 minute walk in.

Give yourself a REASON to improve the way you talk to yourself.

Because everyday you CAN wake up and marvel at your body. The bones, the blood, the structure, hell, even the fact that you are conscious and reflective upon your own goal is a damn miracle. You can look at yourself in the mirror and be proud of the person you are. That reflection is the summation of a lifetime of experience wrapped up in one amazing human body.

And you deserve to give yourself a damn pat on the back.

Peace like geese,

Mike goose

Published by mikeg00se

I like to adventure, paint portraits of goats and love family stuff.

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