Getting Fit 101: Measurements Worth Tracking

The last couple of weeks I have been riddled with ideas, thoughts and new ways of thinking. I’ve compiled a small group of testers to track a few measureable data points each day, week and month. The intention of the data is to keep track of your health and see how you progress with a consistent effort in purely keeping track.

If you think about it everyday, don’t you think you’ll hold yourself in check a bit more?

Daily Data Points


Blood Sugar (optional) – normal range is 70-110 in a fasted state or upon waking.

Resting Heart Rate – Shooting to keep heart rate around 60 beats per minute. Between 60-90 is considered normal.

Total Sleep

Heart Rate Variability – Is a little harder to capture, if you have a Samsung you can capture it with your ‘stress’ test in Samsung Health.

Level of alertness/mood upon waking (1-5) – Purely Subjective, how do you feel upon waking?

Wake up time – Maybe there is a correlation between early to rise and consistency?

Subjective food score (1-5)


Weekly Metrics

Bodyfat Percentage – 8-22% for males, 18-32% for females

Circumference measurements


Monthly Metrics

Broad Jump Distance – Jump as far as you can, measuring at the rearmost heal.

Pushups in 1 minute

Max Deadhang Chinups

400m Run

Cooper Run Test (1.5 mile run)


If you’ve got any interest in being a guinea pig and can guarantee you’ll log in each and every day, shoot me an email or leave a comment. Let’s blow this up!

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