Covid-19 and Owning a Small Business

With the very real threat of Covid-19, I find myself dancing on a fine line of anxiety and stress of the unknown.

If you don’t know what I am, what I do, I’ll do my best to explain.  I have built a small business as a fitness professional working with people at their location of choice. I do my best to support my family. I drive somewhere between 20k to 30 miles per year, from client to client busting my tail doing what I love. I’ve put four years of work, sweat and effort into helping individuals improve their environments. And when they struggle, I ensure they have a voice that helps them. Something positive, welcoming, judgement free and more than anything – a respectful perspective on whatever obstacles they want to zap from their solar system.

My business is a legitimate business (when the hell did that happen?). To me, that means that I am able to focus solely on my business without the security of a standard ‘job’. A couple of weeks ago, in the midst of my best year, I started receiving messages from people notifying me that self-quarantining (COVID-19) was their appropriate measure. And I can not do anything but respect them. It’s hard to continue moving when the world is telling you to stop.

I find myself on the other side today. Today I sit here thinking about how I can change. My brain wants normal. It wants everything to just snap back into place. It tells me to wait it out and that ‘my people’ are loyal.

Truth is, all that does is make me worry. And that’s the opposite of what I want.  I’ve busted my ass everyday to provide and it seems like overnight every hour and breath just sort of…stopped. But the truth is, who knows when all this craziness will end? Is my business viable in THIS world? 

With that said, the weight of the world has told me I need to pivot. Pivoting doesn’t mean more than diversifying streams of income to make sure I can keep supporting my family. It means starting something new to keep my world evolving.

Today, the world tells me to figure something else out for tomorrow. Where that takes me, I don’t know. But what I do know is that all this anxiety and stress of unknown outcomes is giving me a ton of motivation to shift from my ‘normal’. Which I KNOW will be good in the long run. But today, it’s stress.

And that’s my word therapy for the day.

I woke up this morning, stressing about the position of my business. So I decided to load up my mission statement and core values. I began today with my intentions. And today, they hit a little harder than it normally does.

  • Core Values
    1. Bring your best every single day
    2. Improvement through empowerment
    3. Knowledge drives discipline
    4. Discipline drives progress
    5. None of us is as smart as all of us
    6. Have a good-ass time and bring a positive voice

I know I’m not the only one who needs to let it out. So please, let your voice be heard. Say it out loud and let it be heard if you’re worried, freaked out, scared. Whatever it is you are feeling, let it be known because that’s going to affect the change you need.

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5 thoughts on “Covid-19 and Owning a Small Business

  1. Hang in there man .. tell the “boss” to lay you off so you can get unemployment at least. Wish it was that easy.

    We are doing our best to keep mom — Betty Daly — safe here in Hawaii. I have been working from home and laying low.

    Thank you for opening up and sharing. These will be troubling times. Know that you aren’t alone in your fears of the future.

    Sending all of the Aloha I can your way,

    Sara (Daly) Hamakawa


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  2. Goose try Skype with your clients. You can tell them what to do and watch what they do. I have a friend with Parkinson’s who lives off the grid in New Mexico. He and his trainer did this for several years.

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  3. Thank you guys for the feedback 🙂 I think it was just great therapy for me to drop a note today. And thank you both for the kind feedback. I know others are going through it, and I can’t tell you how nice it is to have you give that kind of thoughtful feedback. I hope you stay safe and keep a positive mind! Much Aloha out to you and the family 🙂


  4. Mike, how about podcast workouts for all of your clients. You can make up a workout each day and have them access it when they workout.


  5. Thanks for your input. Being positive is not easy when facing situations as hard as the one we are facing now.
    Then again, it takes courage to push through and it is best for those who have small businesses to find a better way to make use of these situations for their benefit and advantage. I found it helpful for some businesses to find assistance from freelancers who are also working to boost businesses to a higher capacity of getting benefits from the market. Platforms like offer connections with freelancers. This way, you are not only boosting your business, but you are also assisting others to survive this dilemma.

    Hoping for your business’ success.


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