At Home Hacks – Getting your Butt off the couch

Hey! Sup?

A couple people I work with have asked about being motivated/excited/disciplined enough to workout at home. Man, it’s not that hard! I guess I’m one of the weirdos though. I have my good days and bad days. It’s true.

But with the weather warming up, and the opening of the CHOPSHOP I figured I’d share some of my personal tips on working out at home.

  1. Make the workouts fun. You’re not going to be competing in the Olympics anytime soon. That shit got delayed until 2021. Ask yourself, what do you want to do that day? It’s much easier to workout if you can take a step back and throw in a few exercises that are fun to do. I always look forward to jumping, agility and power movements with a barbell. So lean on the stuff that you actually look forward to!
  2. Set aside a specific time to move every day. Instead of saying “I’ll do it later”, specify a specific time! For my schedule, I always take the first two hour break in my day to get a workout in, depending on what I’d like to accomplish on a given day.
  3. Reward yourself after your workout. A common method for brain hacking doctors who are way smarter than me say giving yourself a reward is good to keep consistent. For me, it’s having some tea or a cup of coffee at Starbucks (now at home) while finishing up client programs for the day. Makes it way more exciting for me to reward myself with something, even as menial as a cup of jo.
  4. Use the space you have available. You don’t need to take four days to clean every corner of the house to make a ton of room. If you can sit and stand up, you’ve got the space to hit a home workout.
  5. Be flexible with equipment. A ton of folks worry that they can’t exercise because the don’t have equipment. I had a client who had absolutely nothing to use for exercise equipment. BUT he did have a couple of half gallons of vodka laying around. What do you know, a couple of half gallons of booze can give you a helluva a workout?! Followed by a helluva good time post workout. Win-win!
  6. Challenge a friend. Shoot a quick text to a family member, friend, enemy or post something on a group. Way easier to do something when others are involved! And they’ll appreciate it, knowing you’re busting your butt while in quartantine!


What are your favorite at-home hacks for exercise? Cool movements you always look forward to?

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