Have Fun in Fitness

Hello world,
There’s always fun in fitness. People get so caught up in lifting weights in various ways and stress the idea that if you don’t do X you’ll shatter your coccyx. There’s fun in the struggle. It doesn’t have to be this perfect setup with a 6 step warmup, a % rep max prescribed load every workout or a sweat dripping, death defying experience under they weight of a barbell you just learned to throw over head.

Sometimes, warmup with games. Play some tag. Shoot some hoops. My brothers and neighbors used to play a game called ‘diving catches’ in my front yard with the brothers. The games were spawned from a drive for mild competition, fun and a challenging idea. Throw me a crappy pass, sort of far away from my body. Move in space to make a fun-looking grab that would likely be featured in Sportcenter’s top ten.

That’s the stuff we miss in fitness. It’s not all about hard work and dedication and sniffing sodium packets. It can be fun. It should be something to look forward to. And the idea that our world needs to be perfectly measurable, perfected in slow motion capture is really not what developing athletes should be about.

And if having that measured value, a daily approach of tracking every macro, an insistence on becoming obsessed with everything you put in your body is important to you, Good on ya. But that won’t get most people excited for the next level. Sometimes you just gotta go out and have some fun in the front yard.

(A client of mine had a great time planting some stuff in their yard yesterday. And it made me think how fun it was destroying our lawn as a kid)


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