Failure is Temporary


Just wanted to drop a quick reminder to you.

Failure is only as temporary as you make it.

I’ve had the pleasure of watching my kid grow.

And a highlight in my life was watching her first steps. It didn’t happen overnight. She tried, and tried, and tried. She fell a bunch. Got bruised up here and there. It took her months. Time, effort and consistency.

The persistent need to walk was the only thing that kept her going. The will to keep pushing herself up was always there. It took time. It took setbacks. But it meant too much for her to quit.

She needed to walk. And it was not a question of whether it was going to happen.

Just a matter of when and how.

And no matter who you are, if you want something bad enough, you’ll get back up. You’ll get bruised, you’ll feel shame and guilt and you’ll get frustrated as hell. But you will succeed if your desire is greater than your feelings of failure.

Succeed one time. It gets easier from there.

And with that success, you’ll be able to replicate it. And you’ll learn to appreciate the failures even more.

Take time today and praise your failures. Failure is only as powerful as you make it.

Embrace the challenges.

Embrace your efforts.

And be proud of your consistency.

And chances are, the effort for you to walk was similar to my kid’s.

So I KNOW you can do it.

BE persistent. Be honest about your failures. And you will succeed if you want it as bad as you wanted to learn to walk.

Be proud and keep pushing. You’ve done it before.

With love,

Mike Goose

Published by mikeg00se

I like to adventure, paint portraits of goats and love family stuff.

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