Try Something Difficult – Change Your Life

The fitness world is fraught with inconsistencies.

Butter used to be bad. But now it’s good.

Eggs are terrible for your cholesterol. But actually it’s not!

Squats kill your knees, don’t do them. But actually, do them because you have to every time you poop!

It’s a world full of noise.

It makes living a healthy life difficult. Your intentions are good, only to learn that your focus has been ‘wrong’.

I’ve got a quick fix for you. And it’s far more simple in thought than in practice.

To every person I’ve ever worked with, and to every person I have had the pleasure of capturing with these words…

Try something difficult.

Mt Olympus – hiked in 2017. Still one of the most difficult things I have ever done! A beautiful place with some a hell of a difficult climb. The payoff was in sweat and scenery.

Let’s unpack that.

The word try. Trying something isn’t just dipping your toe in the water. It’s committing to something for the short term. Let’s say three months. The commitment-phobe in me wants to remind you – it’s not a long term commitment. And it’s OK to quit. Make your commitment enough to dive into a particular skill, game or activity. It’s a short term trial run to see if you enjoy it! Find a group that runs regularly. Find an adult sports league in a social setting. Find a dance instructor to learn the cha-cha from. Try. Because if you can commit to trying, and you learn that you enjoy whatever that thing is, you’ll stick with it.

The word something. If you’ve ever wanted to LOOK a certain way. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to do a kickflip on a skateboard. If you’ve ever wanted to see how far you can run. The key is that you make it something active. The whole reason you’re here is because you’ve enjoyed my message. And I’ve seen so many long term success stories. The ones who change their lives are the ones who find something relatively active – and actually end up enjoying it! It doesn’t have to be weight lifting. It doesn’t have to be yoga. Try something you’ve always wanted to do. Because taking an action toward something new will invigorate you, or it won’t. But by trying something, you aren’t giving up. And that’s a HUGE victory. Become a serial Try-er. When you find the thing you enjoy, you won’t be thinking about fitness. You’ll realize you’re thinking about improving a skill.

The world difficult. For some, it’s tying your own shoes. For others, it’s going for a walk. It’s subjective. Difficult for you may be mustering up the courage to tie up the ole shoes and take a walk around the block. For others, it could be hiking up a mountain at 13000 feet. And difficult doesn’t have to mean physical pain. It can be emotional pain. You could be hanging out in your house, resting up after an injury, fully resigned to the fact that you’ll never ‘feel’ young again. And personally, that’s the most difficult pain to endure. So strap up the kicks and skip your ass out the door. It may be the hardest damn steps you take today. But you will feel proud. And you damn well should.

In my case, I tried running – with the sole intent of going out and enjoying it. I’ve always hated the idea of running because I couldn’t get out of my own head when hitting the pavement. I have a theory that I hated running because it was always a ‘punishment’ in sports. So I resolved to try and reverse that thinking. And today, after a year of giving it a shot, I’m in the middle of training for a 30k Trail Race. So far, it’s been a hell of a challenge. I’m damn proud of myself for being willing to stick to it despite feeling like such a crappy runner in the beginning.

Try something difficult. You’ll realize the commitment bleeds over into other aspects of your life. You’ll look in the mirror and enjoy the face looking back. You’ll be proud, confident, excited and motivated – by your own success.

And that’s all I’ve ever wanted for my people – to realize how fucking amazing you are.

Try something difficult. Your body and mind will love you for it.

Things I’m excited about:

Taking Lily to a baseball game on Friday

Getting people with like minds together to try something new

Getting my ass handed to me in racquetball

Finishing the book What You Do is Who You Are: How to Create Your Business Culture

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