Personal Discipline

Ahoy, hoy.

The last couple of days have been great. Great days at work, great news from home and a lot of huge life changes in the works.

I’ll start with something about my life. A week ago I vowed to the wife from my heart of hearts that I wanted to get healthy and ripped and shredded again. It really isn’t a matter of what to do because I know. I’m not in the worst shape ever but I need to hold myself to my best. Less is a disappointment.


It’s a matter of saying ‘get the f away from me as I get healthy’. Hardest part of this whole game, really. Over the weekend, I veered away from this gluten free thing (I really thought it was a fad but I feel VERY different having abstained from it for a week). Fun action point: Eat gluten free for a week. I mean really. Stay away from it. Then eat nothing but gluten on day 8. If you have any sensitivity, you will know. Not because you feel so great on the days you eat gluten free. But on the day you eat gluten, you’ll feel bloated and sloppy. Or you won’t.  But it’s worth a shot.

Also thought I had a good plan for exercise and nutrition this week solid and in place but Super Bowl weekend threw me off a bit from the nutrition side of things. Need to nail it back down and stray away from excusing my health. With that said, I’ve had some great workouts at the gym and have been getting much better at volleyball. All positive, very proud and making progress.

Had a GREAT phone call with my ma and pa over the weekend – they actually called me excited and thrilled about crushing their goal over the last couple of weeks. They have been weighing in and drinking water. Nothing but positivity and fun coming from this so far!

Goal for the next week:

  1. Keep things positive and their eyes on what they have achieved in the last few weeks. (self appreciation and reflection)
  2. Maintain water intake, weigh ins (medium barrier for resistance)
  3. This week I want to give them the keys, they have been doing well and need a little positive reinforcement internally – What do they think is their biggest hurdle in terms of eating? Are they snarfing ice cream at midnight every night? Are they willing to give up the biggest culprit without replacing it with something crappy?

Overall, very pleased with how things are going.

Life is moving really fast right now…

UH Strength Coach’s Clinic

Just got back from the Hawaii Strength Coach’s Clinic.

Lessons learned:

1: Earn your carbohydrates.

  • Your body can survive without carbohydrates. It can’t survive without protein and fat. If you are trying to lose fat, cut carbs and add in as you increase your activity.
  • Categorizing your carbs
    • Level 1: One meal a week. Once you get to a respectable BF% then…
    • Level 2: One meal a week + Postworkout carbs. Once you get to your desired BF% and activity levels, increase activity to accommodate for
    • Level 3: One meal a week + Postworkout Carbs + Carbs at Lunch.
    • Level 4: One meal a week + Postworkout Carbs + Carbs at Lunch and Dinner. This is for folks who bust ass/exercise 15+ hours per week

2: Being strong has never been a weakness

TED Talk with Amy Cuddy

  • Strength has become ostracized. Being strong is not a weakness
  • Full range every repetition
  • Getting stronger doesn’t mean do circuits all the time
  • Strengthen upper back to offset shoulder internal rotators and increase testosterone
    • Deadlift
    • Chinups
      • Add weight as soon as possible.
      • Stay below 6 repetitions for strength
      • Most intense exercise for nervous system (highest dropoff of any exercise after a set to fatigue)
      • 5 second eccentric
    • Hi-row
      • Looking for upper back strength – Works External rotators
        • Lat work strengthens internal rotators
      • Aids in opening the chest and releasing testosterone
    • Elbow Flexion
      • Triggers sprinting
      • Responsible for bottom of pullup/chinup

3: Cuing the squat

  • Work high bar squats to strengthen low bar squat
  • Full range
  • Set lats
  • Point toes out
  • Bend knees
  • Open up groin
  • Work your back to strengthen the squat




Week 1 down, success

Yo, Fresh weekend. Crushed it at the Hawaii Strength Coaches clinic.

I have taken on the stress of trying to help improve my family’s health. My dad and mom are awesome. But they both also love to hang out and eat good food.

This week went really well with the family. They called me excited and stupid ecstatic about drinking water…it was great to hear them so positive about the first week.

It was a great start to their adventure and giving them a low-barrier goal to attain was a fantastic first goal to attain. So I think I have that figured out. I’ll detail their success below!

Week 1: Drink 80 ounces of H2O per day…Success!!

They were positive, happy and actually asked me about the next goal for the week. Mom had suggested that they walk three times in the next week for their goal, I honestly don’t even want to go there yet!

Exercise is a big barrier and I want them to make sure they’ve got it going full steam ahead before they really have to commit to anything more than a couple minutes out of their day…which leads me to week 2’s goal: weigh in every morning. My rationale is that is they want to get started with that early on, go for it! I am excited for them and want them to succeed.

I didn’t ask for their weight, I didn’t ask for their end goal…that is 100% up to them right now. I want to see what kind of an affect weighing in each day has on them without talking about weight loss. The biggest part of it all to me is seeing that they hold themselves accountable – creating good habits for them and letting them see success early on to build momentum down the road.

So far my parents have accomplished the following:

Weel 1: 80 ounces of water everyday!


What I want them to accomplish:

1)Reduce their risk for heart disease, cancer, diabetes (ie. help them build habits to live a longer life)

2)Feel healthy (reduce BP, cholesterol meds)

3)Be strong and mobile for life – not worried too much about wiping their butts when they get old.

Daily Reminders



A client of mine suggested a daily reminder to get him moving…had this genius idea to automate it through text rather than forcing myself to do it everyday…I guess I am a lazy guy…but the thought is to send him something every week reminding him to drink water/exercise more/get his life together.

I am going to go with SMS Scheduler, I sent out a few messages – although there have been a couple hiccups with the program shutting down, it is working!

I plan on talking to dad today. Has been a long time coming…

Edit: Just talked to Pops, went pretty well. He seems a bit hesitant and nervous about me asking this of him. I don’t know if it was just his perception of what I am asking of him or if he is really just kind of like ‘let’s do it’, but I am excited he agreed. It wasn’t too big of a deal for him but for my mom, she seemed hesitant and really reliant on him.

I suggested they set a specific goal – dad said 1 pound a week for 50 weeks.

GOOD! Goal is set.

Happy scale is an application on iPhone that he can hold him accountable.