Daily Reminders



A client of mine suggested a daily reminder to get him moving…had this genius idea to automate it through text rather than forcing myself to do it everyday…I guess I am a lazy guy…but the thought is to send him something every week reminding him to drink water/exercise more/get his life together.

I am going to go with SMS Scheduler, I sent out a few messages – although there have been a couple hiccups with the program shutting down, it is working!

I plan on talking to dad today. Has been a long time coming…

Edit: Just talked to Pops, went pretty well. He seems a bit hesitant and nervous about me asking this of him. I don’t know if it was just his perception of what I am asking of him or if he is really just kind of like ‘let’s do it’, but I am excited he agreed. It wasn’t too big of a deal for him but for my mom, she seemed hesitant and really reliant on him.

I suggested they set a specific goal – dad said 1 pound a week for 50 weeks.

GOOD! Goal is set.

Happy scale is an application on iPhone that he can hold him accountable.